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A Time Will Come To Ride The Wind And Cleave The Waves, I'll Set My Cloudlike Sail To Cross The Sea Which Raves


In the new era, the PLA Navy has taken firm steps forward on the road to a modern and powerful armed force with glorious traditions. The PLA Navy has received various advanced and powerful equipment. The commissioning of China’s first domestically made aircraft carrier, Shandong, not only marks the PLAN’s era of dual aircraft carriers, but also shows the strength and confidence of China in the new era.


This MENG PS-006 PLA Navy Shandong model kit is an officially licensed product of the Shandong aircraft carrier. It’s developed by MENG and Glory Made Inc. Finished model of this 1/700 scale model kit will be 439.8mm long and 108mm wide. This kit features pre-colored parts, fast snap-fit design and accurate exteriors.


This kit features excellent details and accurate exteriors.


This kit includes hangar interiors; all elevators are movable; hangar doors can be built in the open or closed position.


This kit has accurate bridge details. The bridge, the flag bridge and the Primary Flight Control are well replicated. Electronic devices have realistic details.


The rear hull and flight deck are also detailed. Various improvements on this China’s domestically made aircraft carrier have been properly reproduced. Typical aircraft carrier equipment like arrestor cables have fine details.


This kit includes carrier-based aircraft like J-15, Z-18 and Z-20.

The Shandong, together with other PLA Navy ships, will escort China to a new glory. This great and exquisite model will become your favorite in your collection too.