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We Never Forget the Red Tradition


The Eighth Route Army is a name known to everyone in China. For us, The Eighth Route Army represents the unyielding resistance and struggle for freedom in the dark years. This name is a shining star in Chinese history and a common glory in the hearts of Chinese people.


In order to commemorate the heroes of the Eighth Route Army, MENG and the cartoonist Mr. Liu Naizhong now presents a brand-new model kit, the MOE-002 Eighth Route Army Soldier. This cute cartoonized figure has kept the features of uniform and equipment of the Eighth Route Army soldiers. The finished figure will be 100mm tall. This kit features pre-colored parts and snap-fit design. The assembly process doesn’t need glue or complicated skills. Just enjoy it.


This figure features vivid facial expressions of a young Eighth Route Army soldier.


This kit includes weapons and equipment like bugle, Mauser pistol, rifle, hand grenades and broadsword. Modellers can replace the equipment at will.

We are delighted to be able to release such a product to commemorate the Eighth Route Army soldiers who were not afraid of danger and fought for our freedom. If you are like us and are often inspired by them, get this Eighth Route Army figure, and let it accompany your work and life.