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A Legendary Car, A Classic Scale

On June 18, 1966, the 24 Hours of Le Mans started in the rain. The race between Ford and Ferrari attracted the most attention of car enthusiasts.

At the start of the race, Ford cars were in the lead.

In the heavy rain, Ferrari cars overtook Ford ones.

During the night, Ferrari cars retired one after another.

When the sun rose, the Ford cars were still running.

At the end of the race, three Ford cars crossed the finish line together and took the first three places.

This victory made Ford the first American car manufacturer to win at Le Mans and ended Ferrari's five-year dominance in Le Mans.

The car that achieved this historic victory is

Ford GT40 Mk.II


MENG pays tribute to this classic car again and invites you to enjoy the unlimited charm of this legendary racing car.

1/24 The classic scale most suitable for your collection


This classic Ford GT40 Mk.II model will be 172mm long, 77mm wide and 45mm high.

The muscular look


The rugged and aggressive look is the traditional gene of American racing cars. The model design team has made meticulous efforts to replicate this look in the model.

The futuristic tech that dominated the racing tracks


The Ford GT40 Mk.II was powered by a specially tuned 7.0L V8 engine which could generate a power of over 500 hp. This engine was one of the crucial part that helped Ford dominate Le Mans. The engine compartment is reproduced in the model. By assembling it yourself, you can feel the precision and power of the car.


Another magic weapon the Ford GT40 Mk.II had was the quick-change brakes. The time needed to change those brakes during the race was greatly reduced. Our designers have replicated the key parts of the brakes. Please pay attention to the brakes during assembly. This seemingly simple part was a ground-breaking technology then.

This static model is movable.


Static models are favored by modellers for the precision replication of the real thing. Our designers have managed to present the details. What’s more, they have made steerable front wheels to meet the higher requirements of modellers.


To fully display the engine details, our designers have made the engine hood as an openable part.



Materials! Materials! Materials!


Tires are the most important part of a racing car besides the engine. The tires of this model are made of quality vinyl material. This makes sure that the tire tread texture is realistically represented and the tires won’t have the bad smell of traditional rubber.


The safety belt made of special fabric material is not only realistic, but also easy to assemble. It is the choice of our design team after hundreds of tests and optimization.


The rear engine photo-etched metal grille further improves the precision of this model.


This model kit includes customized pre-cut painting mask stickers to reduce the difficulty of painting and masking.


Each racing car was driven by two drivers in turn. Can you connect the cars and their drivers correctly? Have a try.

连线题_画板 1.jpg

Here are the answers.


You cannot miss this 1/24 Ford GT40 Mk.II model kit. Now order it with MENG distributors.