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Third Item of the Soldier Figure Series: Chinese People’s Volunteer Army Soldier

“Who are our most admirable people? Our soldiers. I feel that they are our most admirable people.”

In order to commemorate the heroes of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army, MENG and the cartoonist Mr. Liu Naizhong now presents the third kit of the soldier figure series, the MOE-005 Chinese People’s Volunteer Army Soldier.



Exchangeable Facial Expressions



This figure has exchangeable face parts which have vivid facial expressions.

Exchangeable Equipment



This kit includes equipment like the submachine gun and explosive pack. Modellers can change these parts at will.




This easy-to-assemble kit features pre-colored parts and snap-fit design. The finished figure will be 100mm tall. The figure can be posed in various postures with different equipment.



Hope these cute and soldierly heroes can give you encouragement and strength at certain times.

Important Information

All the figures incl. MOE-005 Chinese People’s Volunteer Army Soldier will be displayed in the MENG booth in the Wonder Festival 2021 Shanghai.

Date: June 13th to 14th

Booth: E4-A15