Product News

The Rider is Ready

Today, we will introduce another version of the Hot Rider, the SPS-076s 1/9 Hot Rider (Pre-colored Edition). After opening the box of this product, you will get an assembled and painted hot rider figure. It will save you the bother of the tedious assembly and painting steps. This product is a perfect match for the MT-003 BMW R nineT and MT-003s BMW R nineT (Pre-colored Edition) models.



The figure’s posture looks natural. She can lean on the MT-003 BMW R nineT motorcycle model.



The figure’s posture is beautiful. The texture of the clothing is perfectly displayed under the spotlight.

3.jpgEvery detail is sculpted and painted.

4.jpgThe black motorcycle helmet with yellow strips and the figure’s back set each other off.

After being meticulous crafted by a professional sculptor and painted by experienced painters, this Hot Rider figure features vivid facial expressions. The red hair gives off a feeling of enthusiasm and ambition. This good rider is ready. 

Important Information

The first batch of the SPS-076s Hot Rider (Pre-colored Edition) will be available in the MENG booth in the Wonder Festival 2021 Shanghai.

Date: June 13th to 14th

Booth: E4-A15